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Here at Pemberton we know we’re loved for our relations and exceptional customer service, and we love keeping you all up to date with everything that’s happening at Pemberton, from marketing information on products and great deals to details about our events and news.

We’re hoping to be able to carry on our relationship for years to come, however we value your privacy so we’re making it as easy as we can for you to tell us how we can contact you. We’ve also put together details below on what we do with your data, how you can stop contact with us at any point and what our cookies do.

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We care about you and only want to contact you how you wish to be contacted. Please use the tick boxes below to let us know how we can stay in touch.

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It's your right to be forgotten

As a way of showing we’re committed to our customers, we just wanted to make sure you know you all of your rights. You have the right to request to be forgotten at any time, with which we will then delete all of your data within 1 month.

There are a few occasions where we may be required to keep your data even after a request to be forgotten, these cases are outlined in our privacy policy below.

To request all of your personal data is deleted please click here.