Intelligent design

Pemberton is the first leisure home manufacturer to offer their customers the opportunity to upgrade virtually any model in the range to Residential Specification BS3632, thus enabling them to live in their desired home all year round. To achieve this specification our homes had to go through stringent testing for insulation and acoustics.

The thermal efficiency is calculated by the assessment of the heat loss through the structure, this produces a 'U' value. Lower 'U' values mean slower heat loss and lower use of energy to maintain internal temperature.

The information in the table above shows key features that set Pemberton apart from other manufacturers and demonstrates the significance given to quality and innovation.


There are a number of measures that are included in every Pemberton home as standard to ensure safety and comfort:

  • All window blinds, regardless of style, conform to the latest BBSA regulations and are child safe.
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted together with a fire extinguisher.
  • Every gas appliance is fitted by a Gas Safe engineer.

As part of Pemberton Park and Leisure homes' drive to introduce new products into the market, they now offer an option to have trace heating fitted to first protect the water pipes underneath the holiday home which can avoid the need to drain down your system and extend the rental period of the home.

Trace Heating

As the winters are gradually getting more harsh an increasing number of holiday homes are becoming unavailable due to frozen water pipes. This is a real issue for the home owner as the most serious problems don't happen until the pipe thaws and the true extent of the damage and cost is known. The trace heating system uses a self regulating heating cable designed for use on plastic pipe, it is then switched through a central thermostat set to switch on at 5°C. Being self regulating the cable can't over heat and also makes running costs extremely low. The system will protect your pipes down to -20°C so you can have piece of mind even in the coldest winters. The operation of the trace heating is entirely dependant upon continuous electricity supply.. Check with your supplier to ensure the electricity supply is maintained during the winter season including park closure periods.

Auto Stop Valve

In addition we now offer the installation of an auto stop valve which switches off the water supply when the home is unoccupied. This works using a motion sensor that can be set to 2, 6, 12, 16 hours delay before switching off. This gives piece of mind from water damage and water conservation.

Carbon footprint

At Pemberton we really care about our Carbon Footprint

All our caravans are double glazed - which means less energy is used to heat the home.
Substantial insulation is used in all the vans to prevent heat loss.
Energy efficient bulbs are used.
All waste is segregated and recycled were possible.
Wood - Aluminium - Plastic - Cardboard
95% of Timber to build the caravans is from sustainable managed forests.