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Residential Specification

Pemberton are the only  manufacturer to offer their customers the opportunity to upgrade any model in the range to Residential Specification BS3632, thus enabling them to live in their desired home all year round. 

To achieve this specification our homes have had to go through stringent testing for insulation and acoustics. 

Wall construction can vary depending on the type of cladding that you select however insulation is key to prevent heat loss and also for sound proofing. 

Superior roof insulation is crucial to ensuring that it is possible to reside in your home all year round.

Where windows are concerned the double glazing is made with low-E and Argon filled glass. The benefit of this is that it displaces the air between the windows and improves the insulation value (u value*).

The table below shows our u values for the Floor, Wall, Roof, Windows & Doors.

                                           FLOOR                             0.32      
PEMBERTON                   WALL                               0.32      
BS3632                              ROOF                               0.18      
                                           WINDOWS / DOORS     1.60

* A u value measures the effectiveness of a material as an insulator. The lower the value, the better the insulation which in turn helps to bring utility bills down.

7 reasons to choose residential specification

  1. Sound proofed walls
  2. Thicker walls at 100mm
  3. Superior roof insulation at 250mm
  4. Double glazing is made with low-E and Argon filled glass
  5. Condensing boiler
  6. Better ventilation
  7. Lower utility bills
01942 321221 Upgrade to
Residential specification
What type of insulation
is used in the wall?
100mm Thick Insulated Wall
What type of insulation
is used in the roof?
250mm Superglass
What type of insulation
is used in the floor?
A minimum of 65mm Insulation
What type of windows
are used?
Double glazed U-PVC
with Low-E glass (U=value 1.6)
What type of lighting
is used?
LED lighting
What type heating is used?Morco GB24 Condensing
boiler A-rated
What type of pipe
lagging is used under
the caravan?
15x25mm Armcell
superior pipe insulation
on all pipe work

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