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Manufacturers extended warranty

At no additional cost an extended warranty is available to all purchases of new model Caravan Holiday Homes manufactured by Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes Limited (the manufacturer) and sited on licensed caravan parks throughout the United Kingdom.

This warranty is in addition to the purchasers (or hirer’s under a hire purchase contract) rights and does not affect statutory rights under the Sale of Goods Act. It covers the first three years of ownership and offers the following benefits:-

One year warranty

During the first 12 months of ownership the purchaser has the benefit of a comprehensive warranty which guarantees every part, component, fixture and fitting comprised in the manufacturer’s standard specification for the Caravan Holiday Home in question, against all faults arising as a direct result of defective manufacture or materials.

During this period Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes Limited undertakes at its sole option to make good, repair or replace the defective items without charge to the purchaser.

Two year warranty

During the second and third year of ownership the purchaser has the added security of the manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing the structure of the Caravan Holiday Homes (i.e. chassis, floor, walls, roof, windows, and doors) against faults arising directly from or as a result of a defect in manufacture or structural material.

This does not constitute any part of an offer or contract. The complete terms and conditions, including specific and general exclusions and the procedures governing the operation of this warranty, are detailed in the Owner's Warranty Handbook available from your Pemberton supplier/vendor at time of sale.

Three year warranty

During the 2nd and 3rd year period Pemberton Park and Leisure Homes Limited will, at no cost to the purchaser, rectify any resultant structural fault by making good at its sole option by repairing or replacing any defective part of the structure as defined above.

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